6 Ways To Prepare For The Tax Time

Tax Time

The IRS has announced the extension of the tax filing this season for the individuals from 17th May. The tax season comes along with significant changes due to the global pandemic COVID-19. There will be changes in the tax break on unemployment and the filing of claiming their missing stimulus checks. It is always better to start early to plan your taxes with the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, to save your valuable time and money.

If you expect your taxes to be more advanced and a bit complicated compared to your standard taxation. It may be due to the unemployment challenges, working more than one job, or any other reasons; it is imperative to prepare in advance to file your taxes and get the financial planning services Irving and avoid the late filing penalties.

Here are the 6 ways to plan for your 2021 tax season

Remember that tax planning is all about analyzing and arranging the financial situation to maximize the tax breaks and efficiently minimize the liabilities. The tax rules are complex, but if you try to know the benefits of using them correctly, you can hire the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, honor, and change how much you end up paying or getting back when you file. Here are some key tax planning strategies that can help you understand before you make your next move and prepare for the tax planning or connect with financial planning services Irving for the best outcome.

#1 Get ready with all the tax documents and financial records

Organize all your tax documents and the financial records for the actual filing process for an easy and faster process. Use your previous tax returns to determine the past income deductions ad credits reported. You can also request a past year return copy through the IRS online portal or log into the software provided by Irving's financial planning services. If you worked with the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, chances are there that you had a copy of the return when you filed. The tax situation is different from one another. Here are some common tax forms and records you should make handy before filing your tax return at best tax planning services Irving tx.



  • Wage and Tax statement-W2 form

Freelancers and self-employed individuals

  • Income for Non-employee compensation (1099-NEC)
  • Payment Card and third party network transactions (1099-K)

Unemployed people

  • Certain Government payments documents (1099-G)

College students and graduates

  • Tuition Statement (1098 –T)
  • Student Loan Interest Statement (1098-E)


  • Dividend Income (1099-DIV)
  • Rental Income (1099 MISC)
  • Partnership or S-Corporation Income (Schedule K-1)
  • Sale of Property (1099-S)


  • Mortgage Interest Statement
  • Real Estate Taxes

Charitable Donors

  • Statements related to charity

Retired Individuals

  • Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA-1099)
  • Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement, etc. (1099-R)

Recipients of Economic Impact payments or stimulus payments

  • 1st payment stimulus (Notice 1444)
  • 2nd payment stimulus (Notice 1444-B)

If you are connected with the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, you need to worry about the documents, as your tax planner will suggest to you what is required based on your profile.

#2 Know the difference between tax deductions and the credits

The credits and deductions in the tax play an integral role in preparing the tax returns. It reduces the tax billing in different ways. By understanding the difference, it helps in creating effective tax strategies that can reduce your tax bill. If you seek services from the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, it will be easy for you to save more professional help. Go to the best financial planning services in Irving and know how much you can save on your tax bill this year.

#3 The standard deductions and itemizing

Planning your taxes involves the decision-making between itemizing or the standard deduction. It is a significant part of tax planning because the choice makes a significant difference in your overall tax bill. Check out the best tax planning services in Irving, tx, to know more.

The standard deduction is a flat dollar where there is no scope for the questions. It makes the tax preparation a lot faster. Probably this is the big reason why many payers do it instead of itemizing. Know the standard deduction rates of 2021 taxpayers from financial planning services Irving and clear your doubts on this.

When it comes to itemizing the tax return, it takes all the tax deductions of the individuals that you qualify for one by one. It generally adds up to more than the standard deduction. It plays a crucial role in tax planning. The main drawback is it takes a longer time to do your taxes. The best tax planning services in Irving, tx, can help you choose to itemize the tax returns.

#4 Check out the popular tax deductions and the credits

There are many possible deductions and credits are here in the taxation. They have their own rules, and it's all about whether you are eligible for individual deductions or credits is what matters the most here. Check out the list from best tax planning services Irving tx and ask your financial planning services Irving to find out what you are eligible for and what is needed to claim.

#5 Check out what tax records you need to safeguard

Keep your tax returns records which is very important if you ever audited on your own. It is always good to hire a financial planning services Irving to make it easy for you. Typically there will be three years to decided to audit the return according to the IRS. So keep up the records for at least three years in a safe place. You need to hang onto the tax records for three long years if you want to claim, refund or credit after filing the original return. Learn more about the documents and claims from best tax planning services Irving tx.

#6 Get ready with the perfect tax strategies that can get income or cut down your tax bills

Credits and deductions are the best way to cut down the tax bill, but all you need is a right tax planning strategy that helps you save money and time. If you are unsure about the best plans that you need to follow to save money and tax bills, just connect with your best tax planning services in Irving, tx, and seek the best advice and assistance to save more.