Three Reasons To Start Your Retirement Planning

Live Life with Dignity

A penny saved is a penny earned

retirement planning

Every American dreams of a happy life and strives to live with dignity. All seems well when you are in your prime; when life brims with energy and abundance but a small leak might sink a great ship. The sad news is that 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement at present, with nearly 14% having no money set aside for the future. Retirement planning will ensure and enable you to live life king size!

1. You can eat the cake and have it too

It is often said that a fool and his money are soon parted - earning without investing for the future will end you up in a financial quagmire. The best way to smile at life is to go for the best financial life planning. I am sure no independent individual would like to spend the rest of his retired days at the mercy of social security that seems to dry up by 2034. You can plan your retirement by tax saving as enrolment in 401(K) or IRA would cut on your taxes but the amount returned would be less than the amount paid. Thus an intelligent decision would be to seek expert advice for a nest egg that would ultimately pay off.

2. Invest in the future invest for the future

Everyone cannot be Colonel Sanders to restart life once again after years of grueling work. Apart from investing in the pleasures of the present like a decent home, vacation, jewelry it is wise to invest in the future. One needs to plan for the future and the best financial planning would be to invest in a retirement nest egg that would gear you up to face the unprecedented challenges that a retired life has to offer. So make hay when the sun shines!

3. Think Smart-move away from the tunnel vision

Many Americans do not save for retirement because they feel their small contributions would not make a difference. They, in turn, get satisfied with investment in assets, gold, and silver. It is the money that returns to you in the time of need that is a real investment. Financial intelligence would be to plan your retirement in a smart way, so as to make money work for you. Every American irrespective of the earning bracket they belong to can plan for his retirement by approaching a Life Insurance Company that can do the smart thinking for him. All you need to do is to see if your retirement savings match a specific percentage of your yearly income. The percentage may vary according to your age and income and the age that you would want to retire.

The Bottom Line

Successful living includes living happily in your prime years and also retiring securely with a comfortable nest egg. Financial intelligence is making money work for you by investing in retirement plans that boost your hard earned money (without mere tax cuts). The bottom line would be to select a smart retirement planning company that would help you to go for a financially secure and independent retirement so as to live life with dignity.